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Module 8: Torus

Description :

Torus is the name for the way universal pattern of energy moves everywhere. That pattern of energy gives shape to all things including trees, fruits, our blood molecules and all things in the universe. When we follow the same pattern of energy, we imbibe into ourselves the qualities of universal energy. It is expansion and contraction, abundance and synthesis, within us. It is a very inclusive and fulfilling way of breathing done with movement of hands in the shape of an apple. The slower one does this, the more he feels the touch of the breath and energy within the body and feels its expansion beyond his body and contracts within it. Torus pattern typically follows the shape of an apple. To start with, one begins to breathe from his navel center, rises above up to his crown, expands on the sides and contracts again from where he started. 30 slow breaths clockwise and 30 anti-clockwise produces a remarkable change of inner state and rejuvenation. When one does it daily, for a few months he will feel as if his entire metabolism is changing, his random state of mind is become more orderly. Thoughts get clarity and life moves in a harmonious way.


In this stage we start from putting both our hands at the point of navel, breathe deeply and move both hands upwards toward the head and expand laterally following the Torus pattern all the time feeling expansion and contraction of the energy.

We reverse the same process in anticlockwise 10 times very slowly and rest. Recommend frequency to do Torus is 30 times clockwise and 30 times anti clockwise.

Duration :

15 minutes (Inclusive of 30 clockwise and 30 anti-clockwise)


Preferably standing, but one can also do it in an armless chair.

Benefits :

Rejuvenation of the body and mind. One learns how to breathe well. The effect of energy circulates within us and reaches beyond us as a positive influence.