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Module 12: Calmogram

Description :

Calmogram is based essentially on very slow movement, concentrated on the brain. Breathing is normal and as the movement of the head will allow. One would experience that tendency to slow down the movement produces great relaxation. When one stays in position of calm for a long time it dissolves the blockades. Dissolution renews the brain.

Process :

Calmogram is done in a seated position with very slow breathing upwards upto the brain, then the head moves towards the left very slowly and stays at that position as long as possible. Same is done on the right side back to front and front to back. Finally, with very slow rotation of head 10 times each way while breathing so that oxygen circulates into the brain.

One experiences an unusual calm in a matter of 10 minutes. We recommend the process to be done 2 times.

Duration :

10-15 minutes



Benefits :

The practice produces a new experience of energised calm within a short time. It’s a good morning practice to move out of the home in an undisturbed state. Daily relaxation of the brain makes the brain more active.