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Module 7: Dynetec

Description :

Dynetec is a process of connecting and activating our energy centers in the body through slow, regulated breathing. The practice gives a sense of direction of connecting one center with the network of energies of the other centers, starting from the pelvis and reaching upto the top of the brain.

Theory: - Cosmos produces objects as its units which are self regulatory and self sustaining. If we remain with their natural aspect of self regulation and self sustaining, we can only live at the level of survival, but not at the level of growth.

  • Growth in the body takes place with the ascendance of energies, its increased circulation and its renewal.

-Energies in the body are stored and centred at different centres. We will count on seven centres called “Chakras”. Each Chakra fulfills a particular function of regulation and growth of certain faculties in the body and mind.

  • Though Chakras are connected among themselves naturally, they get immensely activated by conscious energization, through breath, starting from the base Chakra called “Muladhara”, reaching up to top Chakra called “Sahasrara”.

  • Dynetec means Dynamic Networking of Centers. In this practice, we assume each energy centre as part of a network of energies.

Duration :

8-10 minutes (Generally done after the practice of Kapalbhati)


Sitting on a stool at a height that allows you to put your feet firmly on the ground. It can also be done in sleeping position lying on the back.

Benefits :

High amount of recharging of the bodies in a short period. Daily practice helps in rejuvenation. There is an increased flow of blood and balanced distribution of oxygen into the whole body.