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Module 6: Downloading

Description :

Just as a sea is full of water everywhere, cosmos is a sea of energy, harmony and balance. Just as a fish lives underwater, we live in the ambit of energised cosmic environment who’s main way of operation is to harmonise things and balance the forces.

It is the character of the cosmos to exchange its contents - energy, harmony and balance- with everything that exists in it. In effect everything in the cosmos is a replica of the whole thanks to it’s tendency to download it’s contents into what exists. That download goes on continuously but it enters into human body when a person connects himself with the cosmic energies.

By analogy it is similar to a mobile phone. A mobile phone can operate with it’s body, inner software and battery, but it cannot recharge itself the phone is connected to a power source.artment.

A person has same capacity it only survives with what is given and ages if he does not connect with the cosmic forces intentionally everyday. When he connects by visualisation and through connective breath the contents of the universe download into the human body because of the connection to the higher source. Without this act a man will only exist, survive and extinguish.

Cosmic Downloading is, infact a process of learning how to connect, be one with the connectivity and feel the download. When one does this daily just in a few long breaths he will feel rejuvenated as he has never done before.

It is a process, our mental attitude, to connect with cosmic ambit and receive what is spontaneously and constantly downloading into us, as an essence.

What helps the process is first re-energizing ourselves through vigorous breathing, centred in to different parts of body. That opens up all the pores and we are ready for blockade-less transfer of energy.

Once an inner environment of compatibility of higher source is established, we simply allow the downpour from above to below. This mechanism is same as gravitational transfer of water from a roof tank to our apartment. Download can take place at three levels :

  • Superficial level : At this level one feels calmness in the whole body.
  • Level of muscles and nerves : At this level you feel as if calm or pleasantness has become part of you.
  • Cellular level: At this level, it makes you feel as if what is downloading has become your nature. It is ontological transfer.

The whole attitude during downloading is to remain positive, motionless, effortless and conscious. To remain in such a state of spontaneous reception is to feel closeness, oneness and integral with the space around you. Daily period of such passive but conscious state of silence produces a ground for great inner change.

Duration :

7-15 minutes


Sitting in a chair. Easy and relaxed posture. One should visualiase that he is in contact with the cosmic energy. One has to understand that he is in receiving mode of what is already downloading from cosmos.

Benefits :

If we place our psychological attitude into an ambit of receiving what is spontaneously and constantly downloading,as an essence., renewal of life takes place, meaningful coincidences in life increase and “light footedness” become part of life.