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Module 1: Smiling Meditation


In SOIL, the concept of smiling meditation derives its inspiration from the works of Master Mantak Chia. The most important principle behind the meditation is that we build a relationship with ourselves, feel our body, our mind and the energy that flows within us. Smiling produces tremendous amount of benefits and activates a healing process. This meditation inspires one to basically build a joyful relationship with oneself, so that our relationship with the outside world becomes an extension of relationship we have with ourselves.

Duration :

Smiling meditation can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how much one enjoys being in touch with one’s body and mind. The conducting thread is a feeling of gratefulness.


It can be done in sitting position, although many people are able to do it while lying down.

Benefits :

Smiling basically is a manifestation of joy. When we smile to our body we develop a tendency to be joyful with our own selves. That tendency produces healing and positivity in life. Smiling rewires the brain and creates more positive patterns.Today, smiling meditation has become an essential part of many systems of meditation because of the tremendous benefits people have recieved. The best way is to try by oneself practically and see the results.