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Module 9: Brain Dynogram


Description :

Brain Dynogram is a system of injecting flow of energy, through breath, stretch and visualisation, selectively into left, right and central parts of brain. There are the three objectives:

  • To eliminate degradation of brain structure.
  • To renew its muscles and nerves.
  • To release potential of the brain.

When it is done daily, it is a well planned programme for birth of a “new man” , to meet the challenges of an evolving world. Brain Dynogram works on three stages:

  • Accumulation
  • Distribution
  • Concentration

Accumulation produces potential through stored energy. Distribution diffuses the energy throughout the back, front and central parts of body. Concentration focuses on the main working hemispheres that controls life. Left hemisphere is called Yin, Right hemisphere is called Yang and central part is called ‘Shushumna’

Duration :

15-20 minutes


Sitting in an armless chair or it can also be done in a sleeping position.

Benefits :

Brain is the central processing unit of the body. The normal brain dynamics works to sustain the body and the functions of it organs. However, its potential is embedded into every cell and component gets released when blockades are removed. Extra energy in terms of oxygen comes in and increases blood flow. Such activation prevents aging. We recommend brain dynamics as the essential exercise. It takes only 15-20 minutes to change the nature of the day you are living. This kind of selective brain activation also wards off possibilities of problems related to the brain including brain strokes, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, reduction in blood flow etc.