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Experience SOIL

Through a quick video on Experience Of Force. Playlist available here.



  • SOIL understands that the process of life consists of acquiring things which have form but essentially he aspires to experience in his life what is formless.
  • The forms consist of things like money, cars, houses and materialistic things.
  • Formless consists of energy, peace, joy, satisfaction, contentment, happiness, friendship solidarity, deeper experiences, purification, health etc.
  • SOIL meditations are devised in such a way that it makes use of breath, stretch, and visualisation to experience the formless within us according to one's necessity.
  • One of the main features of SOILs understanding is that it acknowledges that all these formless contents are a mere fraction of what exists in the cosmos in abundance. The SOIL meditations serve as a helpful, selective and systematic process.


  • In a SOIL session, there are several modules that can be used according to one's liking. All these practices are concerned with movement not stillness, of breath, of body and mind. (The purpose of the exercises are to feel wholesome, and calm the mind and body.)
  • This is why SOIL meditations are called dynamic meditations rather than stillness meditations. There are different modules of meditation available to energise different parts of the brain, the whole body and for experiencing highly energised peace within a short period of time.


  • Breath is virtual substance that carries oxygen.
  • Oxygen produces energy in the body. Energy in use is called kinetic energy. Energy that is stored to be used is called potential energy.
  • Oxygenation of an area in the body creates Energization in that region.
  • Energy flows from what you are connected to seamlessly. Abundance and strength of your connecting source determines the quantity and quality of energy you will receive .
  • Flow of energy through breath follows your visualization. If you visualize that you are breathing in for improving your health, your breath will circulate in the body to improve your health. If you visualize that your breath carries energy flow from the earth, and allow it to move beyond your brain to merge with the cosmos, you will feel a big change in volume of your breath and your energy level.
  • Breath can be directed, spread, circulated, expanded, contracted, centred & concentrated.
  • A very important feature of breath manoeuvre is that it can be spiralled. Spiralling gives a new dimension to the breath.
  • A specially important feature of breathing is that it can be associated with a thought, feeling, images, visualizations and prayers both while breathing in and breathing out as a way of affirmation.
  • For example, while breathing in you visualize and ask for fulfilment what you need, and while breathing out, you visualize receiving what you asked. Breathing in, you resolve, breathing out you fulfil your resolution. Breathing in, you pray and visualize for someone's well being, breathing out, you visualize your prayers are being answered.
  • Energization is directly proportional to frequency, volume,attention and staying period of breath in an area of the body.
  • Breath follows the contour of the posture body takes. It means, we can direct the flow of breath,or the flow of the energy, at any region we want by modulating the contour of our posture.
  • The contour of the posture can be circular, elliptical , orbital, cross winding, straight, bent or shaped in a particular way. The breath will follow the contour as you direct it. If the contour is dynamic or rhythmically moving, the breath will follow the path of the movement of contour.
  • Since breath is another name for life force, and energy, you will energize or enliven the organ or a body region where you will direct the breath by maneuvering your posture. Know that flow of energy follows the breath.
  • This forms a great understanding about energization.
  • Energy flows where attention goes.
  • Blood flows where energy goes.
  • Strength flows where blood goes.
  • Robustness is built where strength is accumulated.
  • A casual or isolated thought, at best, produces a mild action.It does not bring about lasting changes in life.
  • To produce a change that really matters in life, thoughts have to be uniform and are to be repeated regularly to create a conducive mental environment. You can repeat the thoughts with every breath. Such repetitive thoughts create a very helpful thought pattern. And it is the thinking patterns we consciously create that makes psychological differences to our life.
  • Our breathing pattern makes energetic difference to the way we live.
  • However, the change of energy pattern into the body
    • Produces change in metabolism
    • Creates resistance to diseases.
    • Strengthens the organ at which energy is directed.
    • Changes our exuberance in daily life