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We understand that the present times in which we are living is characterized by constraints of time and pressure of daily living. Hence, SOIL has tailored a wide variety of simple yet short and effective meditative practices. Practices range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes each and they combine to form modules.

One can choose to begin with a 20-minute module, and then expand meditative practices as per liking. These meditative practices formulate the form of mind, however, if one wants to experience higher energy sources, there are meditative practices which focus on energy.

Our meditative practices focus on:

  • Breathing,
  • Awareness,
  • Energy
  • Divine

The benefits of these practices are peace, joy, highly energized calm, balance & harmony, improved brain functions, positivity, vitality, exuberance, clarity and confidence.

Experiencing the Divine

The experience of the Divine is based on the practitioner’s intensity of search of something miraculous, faith that he will find it and regularity of practice to contact the unknown. The difference between a “feel-good” experience and divine are actually felt by the practitioner. There is no doubt in his mind that he has entered the world of another experience.

Meditative practices are based on the science of manoeuvring breath. Additionally, it involves stretching of bones, muscles and nerves. However, it is also proven that positive visualizations have a net positive effect on the practitioner. The particularity of Soil’s methods covers energizing and creation of balance, rhythm and harmony in the entire metabolism. They are designed to create a maximum effect in a very short time through constant conscious improvement through repetition of the practices and the adequate grasp of the teachings.