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Module 11: Homogram

Description :

Homogram derives its name from the practice to homogenise the energies of the body through circulation of breath and body movement by paying attention. The whole practice is to be done at a very slow pace.

Process :

Follow the video with description for reference.

The practice starts with breathing through the bottom of your legs from the back, through the spine up to the head and then moving that energy very slowly to the left side with the left movement of the head. Staying there for a few breaths so that energy accumulates on the whole of the left side while breathing in and out.

After a while you breathe from the bottom of the leg from the left side, take the energy to the head, rotate the head five times. And then breathe out to the right side. This way, the energy from the left side gets transferred to the right side. Then again, let your head remain on the right side while breathing in from the bottom of the leg and rotating the head five times to breathe out from the left hand.

Similarly, you breathe in from the bottom of your leg through the spine up to the head. Rotate the head in vertical direction and breathe out from the front. Do the same thing from the front. Breathing up to the head 5 times and breathe out from the spine up to your leg. This rotation of energy from left to right, right to left, front to back and back to front is one round. Do 5-7 rounds and you will feel unusually energised and balanced.

Duration :

10-15 minutes



Benefits :

All the ailments in the body emanate from the imbalance of energy. All the dissatisfaction , anger,irritation, resentment, frustration are the results of energy imbalance. This practice done daily produces homogenisation or feeling of oneness of the body. You feel unitive, calm and composed. Daily practice shows its results in a very short time.