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Module 4: Brain March

Description :

Calm yourselves in standing position with an inner smile.

Start breathing along with the march from the left leg and raise left hand up while breathing in and right hand down while breathing out. Repeat this 30 times through left hand raising.

Then exactly follow the same process with the right hand raising. Breathe as the right hand goes up and breathing out as the left hand goes down. This is repeated 30 times.

Similarly breathing in with both hands up to the top. Breathe out the same way from from top of the brain down to the pelvis. Breathe like this 30 times.

It means this makes one round of brain-march.. 30 times from Left hand, 30 times from Right hand and 30 times with both hands. Rest for a while after each round for 1 minute. Repeat 3 rounds of 90 breaths each. After getting well accustomed to this, increase the frequency to 4 rounds and 5 rounds with an additional 90 breaths each.

Duration :

10-15 minutes


Standing, rhythmic marching

Benefits :

Energization of the brain. It produces rhythm in the body energy system, particularly in the brain. Sit down after the march, experience the effect in different parts of the body. Stay with the effect for at least 3 to 5 minutes. You will feel a great amount of energised Peace from top to bottom.

Daily practice of brain march for atleast 3 rounds energizes and activates eyes, ears, perception, taste, nasal functions, improves brain alertness and keeps one energised at work and in day to day activities.