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Module 5: Soil Kapalbhati

Description :

Kapalbhati is a process of breathing out. This is done 50 times or less at each center starting from navel and shifting to solar plexus, heart, throat, mouth, mid-brain and top of the brain. Totally this comes to about 300 breaths. The practice is done possibly starting with only 10 breaths at each centre and increased gradually to 50 breaths. The effect is felt as silence within oneself. There is also a feeling of absence of thoughts . Kapalbhati is done as rejuvenation process.When done in the morning, it creates a refreshed mind.

Duration :

10 minutes


Sitting on an armless chair is the best position. Chair with arms obstruct the movement of the arms.

Benefits :

In SOIL image, Kapalbhati is seen as a blow out process of negativity. It also adds as cleansing of blockades in the center which prevent growth. One would be surprised to know that you can change your inner state of mind from sluggishness to alertness in a few minutes. It should be done with unforced gestures anywhere on face or in the body, with rhythm and with an ascending process from pelvis to the top of the head. It is a very useful practice that SOIL derives from well known yogic practices. Kapalbhati can be termed as a refreshing and rejuvenating process because it puts abundant oxygen into the body system.