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Module 3: Meditation for SOIL Sensory Activation (SSA)


Description :

The SOIL Sensory Activation meditation is a short meditation. The conducting threads are the breath, movement of hands and visualisation.

The movement of energy from earth to the brain is done through movement of hands and rotated in the brain about 20 times. It is good to know that hands are the steering wheels of the energy i.e Energy follows the patterns of the hand movement. If you rotate your hands around the skull, the energy circulates in the brain. If you raise your hands above the head, the energy in the brain will get elevated.

This way the whole brain gets oxygenated. You can then expand that energy by raising your arms, stay there for a while and then download it with the lowering of your hands up to your legs. Each round takes about 5 minutes. 3 rounds produces a new experience.

Duration :

15-20 minutes


Sitting on an armless chair/ stool is the best position.

Benefits :

Energizes and activates eyes, ears, perception, taste, nasal functions, improves brain alertness and keeps one energised at work and in day to day activities.