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Module 13: Quantum Brain Energisation


Description :

Quantum Brain Energisation is a meditation designed to energise the smallest part of the body from all sides. The medium used is breath, movement of hands and selection of the organ. The most important part is Torus breathing at the end. It is a universal pattern of energy which is followed here. When Torus is accompanied by very slow and conscious breath following its pattern it produces a new level of energisation in the whole body. When quantum brain energisation also called QBE is done daily, one’s state of being changes in terms of the energetic way in which he presents himself in the world. Hundreds of people follow this all over the world with very good results.

Duration :

15-18 minutes


Sitting in an armless or standing. Sitting on floor is not convenient.

Benefits :

The whole body energisation, sharpness of the brain, highly improved health with balance and harmony.