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Module 14: Stretchogram


Stretchogram is a meditative practice done in a sleeping position.

Stage 1

It is based on the concept of stretching bones, muscles and nerves in the body up to their maximum, staying in that stretched position for a while and then breathing out and relaxing before the next round begins. The principle is that stretch produces energy in the body just like a rubber band produces energy when stretched. After 10 such stretched breaths, pause.

Stage 2

The next stage begins in breathing from toes to the top of the head with stretched arms a little rapidly 10 times. This distributes the energy accumulated through stage 1.

Stage 3

To stretch the breath from toe of the leg slowly upwards to the top of the brain, circulate there 5 times, expand the breath internally to reach every corner of the brain and then breathing out slowly. This is done 5 times. This process of silent stretch of the breath activates the whole body very unusually, produces a new state of calm and energises your whole being to a new level.

Duration :

15-20 minutes


Lying down on back

Benefits :

Generally one does not begin a new day when he gets up in the morning. His morning is an extension of the memories, fatigue and tensions of yesterday. This adds to aging. A new day begins when the remnants of yesterday are wiped out or dissolved and a new energy is pumped into the body, its muscles, bones and veins. Stretchogram pumps energy into the body and is a wonderful practice to begin the day to give shape to a new day. One months practice will show the result.