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Module 10: Energynet


Description :

Energynet practices are based on the understanding that the movement of energy in the body is not a linear phenomenon. It moves, connects and spreads through networks in each energy center that governs different functions of the body. So, energisation of the body works on networking of energies and not merely through its linear movement. This understanding completely changes the way one looks at the dynamics of one’s life or one’s activities.

Process :

This is accomplished through the drawing of the breath from below and giving it a direction through the movement of the hands. Hands act as the steering wheels of the energy. Therefore energy moves through breath in the way as one’s hands move. If the hands move from the leg upwards, energy rises. If the hands rotate around the skull, the energy circulates in the head. If the hands go down, energy moves downwards. If the hands take a spiral turn, energy moves spiralling. In this way, it is possible to give direction to one’s energy at the point or at an organ one chooses to.

The video above clarifies the above process.

Duration :

15-20 minutes


Sitting in an armrest chair or standing.

Benefits :

If one daily practices energynet, he is, in fact circulating the blood and the oxygen throughout the body. In this way, if one does the meditation in rhythm and with harmony his whole life moves in synchrony. Over a period of time, one will experience a new level of being that forms the core of his health. Movements become agile, face glows, way of thinking becomes clear and enthusiasm to look forward to the day increases. All this contributes to reducing the aging.