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Trupti Mehta

Testimony of Dr Trupti Mehta, USA

24 March 2018
Dr Trupti Mehta, M.D

I am Dr Trupti Mehta, M.D. In Internal medicine working as hospitalist in San Francisco USA. I came across SOIL teachings through a close friend in India.
For years I have been reading and trying to learn about Self help and about remaining at peace with myself in midst of unexpected situations life presents in one or another form.

Today I did an on the spot experience lasting 26 minutes with Soil’s methods as follows:

  • I had a 6 minute Brain March followed by 10 minute rest.
  • Then the rest was followed by sleeping position stretched Soil’ s trio breath.
  • Then there was a closed eye process of friendship with body, mind and life as an expression of smiling to them and be grateful. It was a great small period of reflection about life that made me realise how much I have to be grateful for.It was a profound reflection.

At the end of 26 minute I now can say the following:

  • I felt a deep sense of calm and acceptance that gave me a sense of peace. I had never such profound experience in life in such a short time.
  • What really helped me was the great energization the 6 minute Brain March produced in a brief but we’ll designed movement.
  • I look forward to learn more and practice regularly as introduction to start of the day.

Ms Dr Trupti. Mehta San Francisco USA