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Testimony of Leo of Israel

12:35 29.10.2017
Hello dear Linesh,

Here follow few lines describing our meeting, i want to share with you and you can use it in any media you like:
Short story about a meaningful coincidence.
By Leonardo Froymovich, Israel

What and how it happened
October 2017. I was preparing for a business trip to Asia. The excitement about visiting new lands and cultures was intense.
I had some diffused preconceived idea that in India people are usually more spiritually oriented than the occidental average.
When I was visiting an exhibition in Mumbai, the chance put me in conversation with a special person (advanced age, radiant face) named Linesh Sheth.
From the very first moment of conversation, it was clear that business will not be the point of interest but a more profound connection was about to take place.

Linesh has the key to access his mind lab, where the universe of thoughts and energy waits for its visitor. I had great pleasure and unique experience by joining Linesh in a morning meditation session. I have learned many powerful truths, terms and techniques for creating and maneuvering the energy we need for a joyful life.
I consider this meeting with Linesh as one of the most meaningful coincidences I’ve ever had. A cosmic connection that surpass dimensions of space and time but bounce into a dimension of universal deep understanding of life and omnipresent energy.

Leonardo Froymovich
30 Oct 2017