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Pallavi Cholkhane

Testimony of Pallavi Cholkhane

I am a girl, 19 years of age. I aspire to be an engineer.
Silo’s thoughts run into my family as a culture . I learnt their essence as a way of thinking and living from my mother .
My mother came across Silo’s thoughts in form of teachings imparted in a group started in Latur by one of the Silo’s members.
In those days I did not participate but was yet influenced by the way my mother was advancing in her inner strength by following the practices and teachings she learnt. She always felt exuberant, confident and progressive in the way she conducted her profession.

She particularly learnt ways of energy building from Soil, which developed its practices inspired by Silo’s teachings of imaging and breathing.
I learnt some of these practices from her and have been practicing them regularly. As a result, my level of optimism has increased significantly.
Earlier, I used to get blocked when I used to get nervous and depressed in my studies . Now, I feel I am a better human being and more understanding in my behaviour. Possibly this is because these teachings have made me more conscious, focused and calm .

I can say that arrival of Silo’s thoughts in our family have influenced everyone and brought many positive turning points in the way we have been living together.

Pallavi Cholkhane
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