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Chandra Milind Chorghe

Testimony of Ms Chandra Chorghe

I am Ms Chandra Chorghe, A company executive. By choice, i am a Mentor for certain school children and a volunteer.
I met Silo’s thought through “The World Center for Humanist Studies” through Parimal Merchant at our office about 2 years back.
Breaking the convential limitations of religions, beliefs, countries and making Humanity as the only religion. His goal was to humanize the earth, it means to remove pain and suffering from each every individual.
What inspired me was the simplistic way. No compulsions. No rules.
What was appealing and different was its approach of looking at things varies according to our internal landscape.
The principle Treat others the way you want to be treated & Nothing above the Human being and No Human being below another. I believed in the concept of Vasudev Kutum and found a way or path to lead the same.
Coming from a background of interllactuals I somehow was always felt inferior as was unable to participate in those intellectual discussions and got a inferiority complex and was in search of something to scrub that out of me. I feel I am discovering myself with each layer coming out unknowing which I relasie only after its sheded. The way Silos thoughts is pulling out layers effortlessly.
The concept of social service has always been in our society for ages but if we help ourself it is more than enough as it automatically creates a positive influence around the people.
The thoughts influenced my life, my way of thinking and behaving as I slowly started understanding myself and the world (people around me)
Internal and Moral Violence
My personal transformation, slowly and unknowingly became a reference and I think has touched few people around me - my daughter, colleagues, friends and family. Every smallest of act became very meaningful.
Weekly meeting have helped understanding and I am still learning and to take this forward to the society thru campaigns to improve the quality of life of me and my world.
Also understood that personal transformation is equally important for social transformation and both have to be done parallel.

Suffering is optional
Understanding formation helped me accept people
Man is the maker of the meaning
Human being is an unfinished product
The concept of my world