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Avinash Sharma

Testimony of Avinash Sharma

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I, Avinash Sharma, 24, am an Equity Research Analyst , and have been working in this profession since 2014.
In the past few years, i have been facing problems of a sensitive back, related to a chronic issue in my spine I have been advised rigorous physiotherapy, core strengthening & gentle stretch exercises for my entire spine as my daily routine .
I already knew Soil ,had some idea and even little experience of its Moving meditation techniques. However, my learning of Soil’s “BREATHING STRETCH PACK “gave me a distinct insight into what is an unforced gentle stretch, quite different from a normal stretch and also a stretch while one builds the muscles .While applying this technique for my back, i learnt that it is ‘energy’ that moves the body while it is ‘spirit’ that guides the movement.
As this meditation is done in Supine position, the sleeping posture provided comfort. While breathing in, i felt a natural need to raise my lower back voluntarily to allow the unhindered energy to flow through my back.

In Torus pattern of movements, i could actually perceive the abundance of energy flow and could distinctly understand that indeed hands were not only the steering wheels, they also had intelligence to orient the energy flow in conformity with their respective pattern of movements.
This process consists of hand guided stretching/flow of the breath fully from toe to top of the head, and even beyond- from left, right and middle of the body,one after another.
This was followed by breathing in Torus pattern . In process, it was gentle, yet fully stretched breathing, that provided an unforced/natural, yet subtle stretch, to the muscles in my back on each side as different from direct stretching of the muscles as , for instance, done in a gym.
The overall feeling was, as if i was consciously taking a very gentle care of my own body. While breathing in upwards, I was feeling an ‘ascending’ touch in my own body muscles .And during ‘descent ‘, that is ,breathing in downwards , i was feeling a relaxing sensation in them . The shifting of sides, and almost equal time taken on each side, spontaneously provided an internal balance of energy flow in the whole body .
The Torus pattern of movement was like gathering the energy from the sea of energy from atmosphere, pushing the flow inwards from the central axis towards a vortex and then spreading it on sides while coming down. It was as if i was sprinkling the energy in the lawns of my inner landscape. I must have done the very slow Torus movements both ways 15 to 20 times. Overall feeling, towards the end, was like i just had an profuse energy bath .
I had an intense calm after the exercise. I would love to implement everyday for raising energy level and proactiveness approach in my daily routine. The exercise not only helps you to internally cleanse your body from daily stress and anxiety, but also.to energize your brain and mindset for post exercise activities.

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