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Akshay Kulkarni

Testimony of Akshay Kulkarni

I am Akshay Kulkarni, 34, working for a media house. I came across SOIL, The School of Internal Literacy, through a friend of mine.
I was always fascinated by the phenomenon of breath as a living agent that flows spontaneously within us not only as a sustainer of life but also as life’s maintainer of harmony and balance.
I wanted to know and experience what it is to work on breath and whether it has any connection with energy and experience of quiet within us.

I was first acquainted here with certain principles of energy, postures and flow of breath such as:
• Energy flows where attention goes
• Blood flows where energy goes
• Strength flows where blood goes
• Posture directs the flow of blood
• Hands steer the flow of breath

My first experience was with Brain March of 9 minutes. It refreshed me unusually even compared to my 45 minute of Yoga workout. This was a new experience for me. It also revealed new ways of doing things.
Second thing i learnt was concentration of blood flow in Medulla Oblongotta, in top of the brain and in my frontal lobe . I also learnt to circulate the flow of oxygen and blood in whole of my skull.
This gave an experience of producing what can be called Energized calm in my brain.

Overall, coming in contact with SOIL was new for me and was experience based rather than being theoretical. Whole School environment was very friendly, communicating , non-transactional and free. I felt i had learnt practically how to energize my body as well as brain, produce a quiet resting on energy and ways to unfold my potential. I am already teaching it to my mother and would like to be a master on energy.

Akshay Kulkarni