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Paras Shah

Testimony of Paras Shah

To , SOIL The School of Internal Literacy

I am Paras Shah, 33, a Master in Business Administration as an MBA. I came across Soil, through a friend of mine who told me about meaningful work with breath that brings about measurable changes on energy levels of brain and body. Breath had always fascinated me as a living agent. I always understood that i am because breath is! I came here to give it a try.

Brain March i did for about 12 minutes, produced vibrations throughout my body. I could clearly perceive the channelling of energy on left and right hemispheres as well as midbrain.

I could also perceive that my internal states of feelings had changed from normal to a high level. I was feeling low due to lack of sleep on previous night. After the march, i felt i am ready to work whole day. I could see the importance of daily energizing the brain to create an effective day and an agile mindset.

Other meditations i learnt produced clearly transfer of blood and oxygen to back of my brain, called Medulla Oblongata, to top of the brain, called Sahasrara. I also learnt how to circulate them in the whole skull for activation of every nerve and cell of the brain.

Most important thing i learnt was that SOIL was a voluntary movement to make people literate about their wellbeing through effective movement of energy. There was no charge, no obligation, no conditions,no belief necessary, there was a completely free environment. I felt fantastic and dignified to be part such a movement.

Paras Shah Mumbai