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SOIL’s practices are anchored in the belief of an integral whole - we are one with the Earth,environment, as well as family, friends, neighbors and society.

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Meditation is a state of pure awareness where one is able to observe his mind, body and its thoughts without being attached to any of them.

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School of Internal Literacy

Deriving inspiration from the worldwide Humanist movement, its methodologies - the 12 principles of valid action and its founder Silo’s message of ‘unity living’.

SOIL is a worldwide community of volunteers dedicated to help people reconnect, rediscover and relearn their inner selves.


Focused on meditative practices, methodologies and techniques that employ any or all of our body, breath, images, thoughts, emotions, and energy: SOIL seeks to provide relevant context to help facilitate personal experience and enhance the commitment of an individual to oneself.

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My overall experience has been of having lived with a surrounding that was alive, enlightening and has an emphasis on ascent in life. I am feeling independent, open to learn constantly, open to adapt, open to change and to move towards what strengthens life and gives validity to it.

Kiran Reddy
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Most important part of the session was the teachings I received regarding finding a reason and purpose to do any small thing in life. That tendency to seek reason triggers into seeking a reason to live. As a result ,it changed the context in which practice was taught and done.

Dhimant Shah
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I became aware of how shallow my normal breath was. The Brain Dynogram breathing was deeper as much as 6 times my normal breath. 150 such breath I took meant that within 20 minutes I oxygenated my body and brain nearly 900 times more .For me, it was a dramatic difference .The experience was a revelation .

Steve brett
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It was a most impactful brain energizing experience. It has so much impressed me that i not only feel it necessary to do it everyday but i look forward to next session with considerable eagerness.

Harshita Agarwal
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